The Heat: Zimbabwe turmoil

The Heat

Zimbabwe Turmoil

It’s been a tense 24 hours for Zimbabwe. Tanks and soldiers are patrolling the streets of Harare, with President Mugabe reportedly under house arrest.

The military is calling it an operation to “target criminals close to President Mugabe,” and said the 93-year old leader and his family are safe.

But for the African Union, the crisis “seems like a coup.”

From Harare, CGTN’s Farai Mwakutuya has the latest.

Tonight’s panel includes:

  • Emira Woods, an independent analyst and consultant
  • Chipo Dendere, visiting assistant professor of Political Science, Amherst College
  • Joseph Ochieno, writer and commentator on African Affairs
  • Kenneth Mwenda, senior counsel in the Legal Vice-Presidency of the World Bank, and a Law Professor at the University of Pretoria and American University

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