The Heat: UN Climate Talks

The Heat

COP 23

World leaders are working to put the landmark Paris Agreement into action.

Over the last two weeks, diplomats from around the world gathered at the U.N. Climate Talks, called COP23, to work out how to implement the Paris Climate Agreement. Under the 2015 deal, nearly 200-countries submitted proposals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions to slow global warming.

CGTN’s Natalie Carney has more, from Bonn, Germany.

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For more on the summit and how country’s are fighting climate change:

  • Alvin Lin is the Climate and Energy Policy Director of the China Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Nick Nuttall is a spokesperson for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Craig Morris is a Senior Fellow with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
  • Arunabha Ghosh is the CEO of the Council on Energy, Environment and Water and the co-author of Energizing India

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