The Heat: Rise of conservatism in India

The Heat

Narendra Modi

The world’s largest democracy is being accused of abandoning its secular history after the Hindu nationalist BJP won the India’s parliamentary election in 2014.

Many Indian states are now actively enforcing bans on the slaughter of cows; an animal considered holy by India’s majority Hindus.

Vigilantes are often seen searching trucks that might be transporting the animals and at least three Muslims were killed suspected of eating beef or smuggling cows.

In September, a journalist and outspoken critic of the government was shot dead, reinforcing criticism that the BJP is trying to muzzle the media. For their part, supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi accuse mainstream news outlets of spreading lies and misinformation about the ruling coalition.

They also claim Modi has launched a war against corruption, championed economic development, and introduced measures to streamline India’s sales tax code.

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