The Heat: Are Americans engaged in international affairs?

The Heat

A study by the Pew Research Center in 2016 revealed that people in United States are apprehensive and concerned about their country’s role in the world.

A majority of those surveyed said the U.S. would be better off focusing on its own problems, while letting other countries deal with their own. If that sounds familiar it’s because Donald Trump was elected president, in part, because of his “America first” policies.

Such declining interest in international affairs is also reflected in U.S. media coverage.

Journalist Sulome Anderson is no stranger to international reporting. Her father, Terry Anderson, was the Associated Press bureau chief in Lebanon when he was kidnapped by Islamic militants in 1985. He was released after 2,454 days in captivity. Her book — “The Hostage’s Daughter” — focuses on her father’s captivity and its impact on her life.

To discuss the coverage of international news in the United States:

  • Cenk Uygur is a political commentator and the CEO and founder of The Young Turks Network. He hosts its flagship online program.
  • David Ensor is an award-winning journalist and former diplomat. He also served as the director of Voice of America, and currently heads the Project for Media and National Security at George Washington University.

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