The Heat: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince-Mohammed bin Salman

The Heat

Just 32 years old, Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS, is already one of the most powerful figures in the Middle East.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia is described as a leader in waiting. He is expected to take over as king when his aging father King Salman departs the throne. And, he could rule for decades.

Mohammed bin Salman said he wants to reform his country. Already this year, he has lifted the ban on women driving. He also wants to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy to make it less dependent on oil and two years ago he launched a plan called Vision 2030.

He also serves as his country’s defense minister and has led a Saudi coalition to a controversial war in Yemen. That has resulted in over 10,000 deaths, many of them civilians.

Meanwhile, the crown prince made news headlines recently after a diplomatic spat with Canada.

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  • Faisal Al-Shammeri is a political analyst and columnist and for Al Arabiya.
  • Ali Al-Ahmed is the director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs.
  • Negar Mortazavi is the Washington correspondent for Iran International.
  • Karen Young is a senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute.

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