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Globalization. Few forces have shaped the world more over the last four decades. But as the world today grapples with geopolitical tensions and economic challenges, has the era of globalization come to an end? 

At its core, globalization is the belief that the free flow of people, goods and capital across borders is unambiguously beneficial. Increased international trade and capital flows have been a major source of unprecedented economic growth and a rise in living standards. But lately that idea has come under assault with some in the West resurrecting protectionist policies from bygone eras to shield key industries. 

And then there are the economic challenges posed by the pandemic, inflation and conflict in Ukraine. The question is are we seeing the end of globalization or perhaps an evolution, a repositioning in a time of global uncertainty?

Joining the discussion:

  • Jorge Heine is the former Chilean Ambassador to China. He’s currently a Research Professor at Boston University’s School of Global Studies.
  • Ken Gichinga is a Chief Economist with Mentoria Economics. 
  • Adam Posen is President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. 
  • Huiyao Wang is the Founder and President of the Center for China and Globalization.